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Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General information

1.      DECORSHOP store directed on internet address is owned by DECORSHOP Australia,  7 Hitchcock Street Kalgoorlie 6430WA Australia, ABN:56627476982, email:

2.      Any interactions between clients and DECORSHOP are subject to Terms and Conditions specified in DECORSHOP portal. Any deviations from these Terms and Conditions are only considered, if they have been discussed and confirmed in writing between client(s) and DECORSHOP or have been clearly specified in the Terms and Conditions. Any agreements made through word of mouth by DECORSHOP employees have to be presented in writing by DECORSHOP to confirm their credibility.

3.      Client is required to provide full and correct information. In case client provides false information the client is responsible for any damages resulting from that fact.

§ 2 Accepting agreement

1.      Products presented by DECORSHOP are not an offer of sale, but only an invitation for the client to present an offer of purchase. Offer of purchase can be prepared with prepared by DECORSHOP online system of product configuration and order support.

2.      Every ordered product has to be earlier configured by client using the mechanisms available online on DECORSHOP website. Range of configurations is limited by technical possibilities of the system.

3.      Purchases ordered by client are accepted only in accordance to the existing Terms and Conditions. Binding price is the final price displayed when placing order. Provided price includes the GST (10%), postage and packaging costs and photograph license (in case of a photo from DECORSHOP gallery).

4.      With every change applied in DECORSHOP website all previous prices and product information are no longer applicable.

5.      Offer is only available within a certain period of time and quantity. In a situation where offer limit or expiry date has been crossed, delivery service can no longer be claimed.

6.      Offer is only binding when confirmed by DECORSHOP through electronic mail in accordance with § 3.

7.      The delivery time is calculated from the next working day after accepting or booking the payment. Client will be automatically notified via email, about the change of his order status to “paid”.

8.      DECORSHOP has the right to refuse to provide service if ordered materials contain messages that are not in accordance with law, good taste or rules of good interactions within community.

§ 3 Payments

1.      Payments are processed securely using Paypal account or credit/debit card.

2.      You will receive confirmation of payment with receipt to the email address provided after completing your transaction.

3.      Your order will be processed once we receive the confirmation of transfer.

4.      Once we receive the payment confirmation you will receive email confirming that your order has been processed and tracking number for your delivery.

§ 4 Delivery

1.      All items are only delivered as long as there is stock remaining. In case delivery of product or group of products is not possible, DECORSHOP portal is obliged to immediately inform clients about this fact. If client has already paid for the product, the amount paid will be returned immediately.

2.      Every product has an estimate of order processing and delivery time, which is counted from the next working day, or from the moment we receive the payment confirmation. Orders with various delivery times are sent together, after all items have been prepared for delivery. However DECORSHOP holds the right to send items separately.

3.      Delivery is processed according to provided in the internet order costs of items and delivery. In case client would like to have a special type of delivery, which incurs additional costs, it is client's responsibility to cover these additional costs.

§ 5 Damage incurred during delivery

1.      If the delivered item or the container in which it was delivered has visible damage, you should refuse the delivery and file a written complaint with the courier. You should also notify DECORSHOP immediately about the situation via phone or email.

2.      When informing DECORSHOP team about damage that has occurred during delivery additional material in form of photographs or a short video of the package is preferable.

§ 6 Limited responsibility

1.      DECORSHOP portal may contain links to other websites. DECORSHOP states that it is not responsible for the content of these websites and has no influence over them. It also states that any opinions, political views, religious, etc. presented on these websites are not necessarily in alignment with views of DECORSHOP portal employees.

§ 7 Order cancellation by client

1.      Client has the right to cancel their order within 24 hours after making an order, or before the product has been printed, whichever is longer.

2.      Return request has to be in writing and can be done via DECORSHOP contact email:

3.      After the request has been approved the amount paid by client will be returned within 5 working days.

§ 8 Complaints and returns

1.      Seller is responsible for the product’s incompatibility with agreement in case it has been confirmed within two years from delivery.

2.      DECORSHOP is not responsible for minor deviations of the merchandise from what was offered when delivered to client. Minor deviations caused by different format, type and quality of base are technically unavoidable. Another unavoidable deviation is the colour difference between the image displayed on the screen and actual printed product.

3.      DECORSHOP’s responsibility lies solely within average durability of products made with digital printing technology.

4.      DECORSHOP declares that delivered products are not required to be fully waterproof.

5.      Complaint procedure:

Return request has to be in writing and can be done by post to 7 Hitchcock Street Kalgoorlie 6430WA Australia or via DECORSHOP contact email:

Complaint request should include:

Full name


Phone number


product defect description

when defect has been noticed

The product – if defect has been noticed before application

Photographs clearly showing the existing defect – if item has already applied to surface

Complaint will be processed within 10 working days from the date it was received.

In case the complaint is accepted, DECORSHOP will deliver client the same product free of any defects (within the same postage time as initial order)

In case the complaint is denied DECORSHOP will inform client about their decision, providing explanation in writing.

In case the complaint is denied at client’s request and cost the product can be sent back to the address provided in the complaint form.

6.      In case delivered product does not match the one agreed upon, DECORSHOP will deliver the ordered product without defects and may request the defected item to be sent back.

7.      Damage incurred during inappropriate handling of product or mistakes during application are not eligible for complaint.

8.      DECORSHOP is responsible for any defects described by consumer laws.

§ 9 Cancellation by DECORSHOP

1.      DECORSHOP has the right to cancel the agreement without being required to return the payment within 7 calendar days from the moment it was formed in case of unforeseen circumstances, including interference of third parties into the structure resulting in change of its functionality, parameters and mechanisms of product modification or price calculation.

2.      In case of a partial cancellation the already processed services have to be paid for according to the state on the day of cancellation.

§ 10 Personal data protection

1.      Personal data provided by client are protected according to Australian Law Code, in a way that prevents third parties gaining access to them.

2.      Personal data provided will only be used for the purposes of product processing, such as delivery of items to designated address, unless client expresses their acceptance for a broader use of this data.

3.      When ordering their product, client can agree to receive promotional and marketing materials. This agreement is optional and does not influence the ability to process the purchase in any way.

4.      Client has the right to retract their permission to process personal data and can also access their personal data and modify it. To process these client needs to provide a written request in form of paper or electronic mail to DECORSHOP.

§ 11 Copyrights

1.      Products sold by DECORSHOP are protected by copyrights worldwide. Client or third parties are not allowed to copy or distribute products of DECORSHOP.

2.      Client providing their own graphic material for the project declares that they have all the copyrights and ownership rights for this material and no party will approach DECORSHOP with legal action in regards to the provided by client material.