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Cookie files policy

In order to provide proper functionality of Decorshop portal, browser has to have the cookie service switched on. Cookie files are small text files sent by the WWW server to the browser, through which they are saved on the computer of the person viewing website.

On our portal the cookie files are used for:

  1. Providing basket service – through a session identification stored in the cookie file, it is possible to add products to your basket,
  2. Recording the arrangement of glass panels – thanks to that, there is no need to create the entire arrangement of class panels anew, when you change the graphic,
  3. Statistical purposes – monitoring user’s activity on our website.

If you do not allow our portal for the use cookie files, you can block them using the settings in your browser. At the same time we would like to inform you, that this block will make the use of our services impossible (basket service will not work).


For a step by step explanation on how to change your cookie settings, please follow the appropriate link:


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