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Glassico brand is known for it's highest quality decorative panels (photoscreens), thanks to which your interior design will be unique and stylish. Panels are made from safe layered glass, inside which the graphic printed in highest definition is placed. When choosing this material, there is an option of choosing the theme of your pattern, as well as it's size. Photoscreens are timeless, resistant to humidity and grease, as well as easy to wash pieces of indoor decoration

We provide our clients with production and postage of photoscreen within (podaj ilosc dni) working days. In case you want to receive the order faster, we offer the express procedure, which you can use for an additional fee. In that case production and delivery takes no longer than (podaj ilosc dni) working days.

Included in our offer we have:

Photoscreens Glassicco™ G

Fotoszyby Glassicco™ G

Photoscreens Glassicco™ G

These are glass panels, which can be used as a perfect repacement for tiles protecting surfaces between countertop and cupboards. Photoscreens are made from two, 3-milimeter layers of glass (untempered float type). The graphic is melted in between. Assembly of photoscreens is achieved by glueing them onto the wall. They posses a unique layer that blocks light - thanks to that, glue marks are not visible. Biggest panel size is 120x120 cm, thickness of each element is 7mm (+/- 0.5mm).

Montage of Glassico panels should be done with a 4mm space between each photoscreen. Due to technological reasons there might be a slight displacement of the graphic. Best material to fill the fugues is neutral silicon (for example Lakma NO11). It is recommended that fugues color is chosen individually for each photoscreen. Fantastic effect can be achieved with a colorless fugue.

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