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Are you looking for a perfect way, to make any type of room livelier? Choose a photowallpaper, which works perfectly as an arrangement for interiors designed for leisure, as well as work. We offer a wide variety of photowallpapers, in terms of both patterns and size. This allows for a complete freedom, when choosing appropriate photowallpaper, which will perfectly and completely fit to your tastes and preferences.

We send our photowallpapers to any and every corner of Australia and cut the shipment time, as much as possible. In case our clients are in a rush, for an additional fee, we have an option of express delivery, which takes the delivery down to. You can choose this option, when finalizing your order.

Here is a short description of photowallpapers and their characteristics.


Classic paper photowallpaper for walls

Classic paper photowallpaper for walls

This is the most popular type of photowallpaper ordered by our clients. It comes in form of stripes, which need to be perfectly aligned, when attached to the wall. It does not have a self-adhesive layer and a wallpaper glue, needs to be used. There is a possibility of a delicate and careful wash of the photowallpapers with a wet cloth. Photowallpaper’s surface is opaque and there is an option of assembling it yourself according to instructions from the manual.

Vinyl photowallpapers for walls

Vinyl photowallpapers for walls

This type of photowallpaper is characterized, by its opaque surface, as well as simple assembly – just follow the instructions from manual. Vinyl photowallpapers work best on flat surfaces (they cannot be used on rough surfaces), even and dry indoor walls, with static temperature and humidity. Self-adhesive layer, allows you to abandon traditional wallpaper glue. There is a possibility of a delicate and careful wash of the photowallpapers with a wet cloth. Great advantage of this type of photowallpaper, is a quickly disassembly – perfect option in case of regular changes of the indoor design.


Photowallpaper for furniture - self-adhesive and laminated

Photowallpaper for furniture - self-adhesive and laminated

It is designed for use on furniture, doors, fridges, wardrobes, etc. It is recommended to assemble them on flat and even surfaces. In case of a rough surface structure, there is a risk of problems during assembly. If you follow instructions in the manual, there should be no problems with the entire process. Photowallpaper has a special adhesive, preventing any air bubbles from forming underneath the surface. Additionally, special preventive layer is protecting the product from physical damage. Adapted for washing with water mixed with standard cleaning chemicals. It has an opaque surface.


Photowallpapers for living room

Are you dreaming about having fields of lavender on your wall? Thanks to unlimited possibilities in printing of photowallpaper, you can! Right now we are capable of designing and arranging a living room in any possible way that is in alignment with your preferences. Photowallpaper can cover many options – it may be a reflection of our character, as well as stylish accessory for our interiors. No matter the intentions, our photowallpapers won’t go unnoticed by any guests!

Photowallpapers for bedroom

Bedroom is a very important place, in which we rest both are bodies and minds. Marvellous sceneries from vacations, vista of a favourite city, romantic sunset or gorgeous landscape? The choice is yours! Make every moment in the presence of the photowallpaper to be enjoyable and uplifting. Make sure your emotions are positive, every time you go to sleep and each next day, will be better than the previous one.

Photowallpaper for children's bedroom

Make the room of your little one a fabulous, colourful land from fairy-tales! Our photowallpapers will provide an incredible atmosphere in your children’s room and will turn it into a very special place. They can be placed on walls, as well as windows and furniture. Regardless of place, the effect will surpass the expectations. Fantastic and joyous atmosphere – this is all possible thanks to multitude of motives and patterns offered by our portal. Our photowallpapers will perfectly stimulate your child’s imagination.

Photowallpapers for kitchen

Despite what many people believe, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Because of that it is very important that it is properly arranged, so it provides a cosy, family atmosphere. To achieve that the paper photowallpaper for walls and self-adhesive photowallpaper for furniture are fantastic, as well as growing in popularity method. (Get familiar with photoscreens' description)

Photowallpapers for public areas

Our photowallpaper are not only designed for private household. They also work perfectly in commercial areas, such as offices, cafeterias, restaurants, hair salons, cosmetic salons, etc. The right choice, will allow to create an individualized and unique character in the workplace. Decorshop contains a rich and unique photo gallery. Every interior designer is able to choose graphics that will perfectly fit their plans.

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